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is this compatible for xp x64


FPCH New Member
Nov 29, 2007
INTEL Core2Duo E4400 With 2MB L2 Cache

The Intel Core2Duo is INTELs latest range of CPUs, and they have far exceeded their initial

expectations. The Core2Duo range is a massive 40% faster than the INTEL Dual Core range,

they have achieved this lowering the temperature that the CPUS work at, increasing the Front

Side Bus to 800Mhz and adding a massive 2MB of shared L2 Cache. It is a similar design to

the Intel Dual Core, its basically like having 2 CPUs on 1 chip and tasks can be split between

the CPUs to maximise efficiency and enabling the job to get done much quicker.

* 800Mhz Front Side Bus

* 2MB Shared L2 Cache

* Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution

* Intel® Intelligent Power Capability

* Intel® Smart Memory Access

* Intel® Advanced Smart Cache

* Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost