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isp address keeps disappearing broadband help


FPCH New Member
Aug 8, 2007
im with ntl and in the past week my broadband wouldnt connect , the isp address had disappeared and had to be reset this has happened twice
then yesterday in the control panel there was no ntl connection so i had to uninstall the usb cable and reinstall (there was a yellow exclamation mark in device manager)
ntl says there must be some conflict with ur pc, this is the first time this has ever happened and now they say to use a enet cable?
does anyone have any ideas how i can find out whats causing this,ive been with ntl for a few years and never happened b4 nothing new has been installed
i use windows xp
thanks in advance


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
download ewido update it and do a complete scan....www.ewido.com also do a virus scan www.trendmicro.com
may be a virus or some other ware....
if you use the ethernet cable you will remove the need to dial up your isp (if you do) and the speed will be slightly faster (negiotable).you will then be able to configure ip address etc,and is far more easier to manage then a usb connection...run all those scans first it may find and sort your problem