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It just won't work all of a sudden!


FPCH New Member
Jan 15, 2007
I have a e-machines desktop PC, i went to use it the other day at it just wouldn't work having been fine the previous evening. The indicator light below the power on button it continuously blinking as is the green indicator light on one of the CD drives, there is a whirring sound although it is trying to read something but there is no disk inside and i hadn't been using one when i used it last. the drives won't open and the monitor says 'no signal' when first powerd on, then goes balnk. I have called the service team that i have a contract with and they are sending me a new video card, i have no idea how to replace this and whether or not this is the trouble, i am not convinced. Does anyone have any ideas?


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It is likely to be your video card but it may be another component, such as the RAM (memory) modules. It is hard to diagnose it when you get no video output. They are correct to be sending you a new video card.

When you receive the card, install it as follows. Turn off your computer and unplug it. Ground yourself by touching something metal. Now unscrew the side panel that reveals the main innards of your computer. Locate the graphics card where you normally plug in your monitor. Unscrew the screw holding it in place; you may also need to move a clip at the end of the slot it is located in. Either way, you should be able to remove the card from the slot.

Now take the new graphics card and put it in the same slot and screw it in place. Put the side panel back on and screw it back up. Plug in your computer and switch it on. Good luck!