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Javascript is enabled in Tools menu but still says disabled?


FPCH Member
Sep 7, 2007
PC Experience
PC Illiterate
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
Hi, can anyone help? . . .

My Javascript is DEFINATELY showing enabled in the Tools menu, but after an hour or so online, I get messge saying Javascript is disabled and tells me how to enable it!!! First time it happened right at start, I DID have to enable it, and I've put up with it happening cos logging off and back on rectifies it until next time, but it's happening more regularly and after shorter periods of time online and it's really annoying.

I can 100% guarantee that when I've gone back into Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level then under Scripting, all 3 are enabled (Active Scripting, Allow paste operations via scripting, Scripting of java applets). I didn't alter anything else in the settings.

Can someone please advise . . . ? . . .