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Just another UTube?



Universal finally finds imeem

The last of the big four not on the ball, Universal gets hip to the streaming media game.

Times have been tough for music labels recently; something they've liked to attribute to internet piracy. The RIAA's ongoing commitment to prosecution of random people hasn't exactly helped the situation either. The major labels are starting to change their thinking lately, however, in the face of dropping profits.

Universal has finally jumped on the bandwagon of streaming media by signing a deal with popular social playlist site imeem. Universal is actually the last of the big four, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, Sony BMG, and itself, to jump into imeem's services.

imeem describes itself as "an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover new blogs, photos, music and video." imeem users can upload their own original content or browse and add catalog content. Users can also embed original content hosted by imeem in other websites like blogs and other social networking sites. The catalog now includes all of Universal's music and video holdings.

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