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Just out of interest...



How did everyone find Free PC Help?
Would be useful to know where and when you found the site.

If found through a search engine what keywords did you type in?

I will be putting Google Analytics on the forums at some point over the weekend, which will give us a good indication where a lot of our traffic is coming from.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
I found it by looking for info on how to create an html web site. Jamey had a great tutorial on the basics. The first one that made sense to me. That was back at at the beginning at this site. (Remember Purple Cloud?)

I might have been one of the first members originally. And proud of it. Was it Computing.net Jamey?


I found it on google running the words PC Help, not sure now what page it was on.
Just done it again and bang it's at the top of the page.