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Kubuntu/Ubuntu wont boot up?


FPCH New Member
Oct 7, 2006
My computer is a Compaq S5100NX and had an existing linux installation on it for close to a year now. It got confiscated by the police because of some mistakes someone else made while my computer was in their house. They scanned it and gave it back. Now it shows nothing different in hardware, but during boot it stops and says DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER or something like that. I know the HD isnt bad, because i can mount it from live cd and view images on the hard drive and browse around. I'd like to know why it wont boot though because that data is very important to me.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
I recommend you contact the police immediately and ask what they have done to it. The error you are talking about usually means that the disk has either been corrupted or wiped.