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laptop no connection to internet


FPCH New Member
Aug 4, 2007
i have ahome comp with broadband cable, and wireless networking the pc has winxp on, I have just bought asecond hand lap top with win 98se on it has a wifi card in and it is picking up my network but thats all I cant get onto the internet or anything, Im not very techy when it comes to computers but I do try and i have been at tis now for 2 days, called my proider (virgin media ) they couldnt help me because i was running win 98se on the laptop can any one help me please,


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
when you say its picking up your network,is it connecting to it....ie are oyu getting an ip address...can you ping a website....g to the ms dos prompt and type in ping www.bbc.co.uk you should see 4 sentences go by saying reply from "ip address".
if not you will get request timed out