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Laptops and Magnets dont go well together


FPCH New Member
Sep 5, 2007
Ok ok i know your not supposed to put magnets near anything electrical or your credit card but stuff happens. basically the window operating screen came up on my laptop when i tried to boot it after and never went, it just kept scrolling. So i took out the hard drive and put it back, now i get a "dos" looking screen that asks me to selected " hard drive ", " cd rom " , "floppy" or " Lan boot" well obviously I want to boot off the hard drive but it wont let me.

Have i pretty musch knackered it?
Is there anyway to get my data off?
Should it be ok with a new hard drive?

Cheers, any help would be appreciated, and i know it was a stupid thing to do before anyone points that out

Aug 31, 2007
Well, i know you can get the data off a HD after it dies, theres ways but you will have to do your own research on it. as for putting in a new HD, if you can find a cheap one and have the install disc, i say try it. but if your low on cash and/or you don't have the install disc, don't waste your time and money.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
check to make sure the hard drive has been pt back in properly and no pins are bent....
what is the make and model of laptop.
hard drives are so cheap now a 60 gb 2.5" hard drive is about £40 -£45.
then an external caddy £10.
so at worst you could put a new hdd in and re-install windows,,,plug your old drive into the caddy to retrieve your data...
that is if nothing else on the laptop is damaged...
first thing to check is to make sure the bios is finding the hard drive.