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limited or no connectivity


FPCH New Member
Aug 29, 2006
hi all, hopefully somebody can help me with this, i had this problem months ago but have since changed isp and reinstalled windows due to hdd dying on me which is why im posting here, the fix was on the hdd (i know stupid not to make a backup, never make that mistake again!!!)

anyways i have adsl with ace-internet and trying to connect to xbox live, when i connect the ethernet to my nic i get limited or no connectivity, NONE of the winsock fixes work, the only thing that worked last time was a static ip address, only problem is i dont remember what it was, ive tried my isp's ip range, ive tried (im 70-80% sure that it begins with 192)

can anybody help??

thanks all!


FPCH Member
Jan 22, 2006
Upon a Chair
Ok, so you've got:

internet -------adsl usb modem-----> computer -----ethernet----->xbox

What OS are you using?

If you are on XP, then right click your network connection in Network settings, click the advanced tab, and enable sharing of this connection. In the dropdown box ensure that your appropriate ethernet card or bridge is selected.

If you are using:

internet ------->adsl modem-----ethernet----->xbox

Then i would try the following addresses: &

subnet mask of

Gateway of or as a long shot

If you still can't get it going, feel free to ask for more help here or from your isp.

I've been on xbox LIVE since the test drive so i've got a bit of experience :)