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Limited to 16-bit colour


FPCH New Member
Mar 18, 2007
Hi all,

New to this forum, and in essence new to computers. Hence why i only operate a Windows ME-yes i know it is dated but came with the pc within my budget at the time.

I seem to have lost the majority of the colour on my monitor so everything is within the limitations of 16-bit. I have brought up the Display section in the Control Panel and looked at the area pertaining to colour. The drop-down box no longer gives me any alternatives other than 16-bit. Can this be rectified in any way?

Thankyou for your time.



Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi literarytony;
Sounds like your display adapter drivers are corrupted. Look in Device Manager for a yellow exclamation mark. That usually means the drivers need to be reinstalled. Either way I would try reinstalling the drivers.

Right click My Computer-Click Properties-Click Device Manager-Click on the + sign next to Display Adapter. See anything?

Since you only have 16 colors as an option that probably means the drivers are corrupted and Windows has to use a generic set.

Post back if you need help reinstalling the drivers;