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Looking to Purchase a new Graphics Card?


FPCH New Member
Jul 12, 2010
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Windows 7- Home Premium
Hi guys. About two years ago I bought a pc for gaming.

This one right here:
HP Pavilion Elite m9405f Desktop PC Product Specifications HP Pavilion Elite m9405f Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

It contains the Geforce 9500gs graphics card and I am looking to change it to something that could run games on a higher setting without framerate drops, lag, and hiccups.

All my information, pc specs, everything is in the link. I am not very experienced in graphics cards and after doing a bit of research, it turns out that I may need to buy more than just a graphics card to accomadate something of a higher power.

(I would love it if you guys could find me a graphics card that could run crysis on maximum settings 1900x1200, as I have no idea what to be looking for.)

Could you guys give me a few pointers on what I should be doing. If I do want to run Crysis on those kind of settings, what else will I need to purchase? Please help...I am so stumped.


Free PC Help Contributor
Mar 13, 2009
Devon , UK
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Windows 10

I'm no expert but i play crysis on 22" ( 1680x1050) with nvidia GTS250 which will give good results on high settings but crysis is still a taxing game on a GPU so maxing out settings would at least need GTX260 or better.

Only prob with most of these cards is that you ll need a PSU upgrade too at least 500w IMO.

Might get away without new PSU with new breed of low power 9800gt which is in performance slighty less than GTS250 but a ton more than 9500gs (which is to be honest a waste of time for gaming.)

Cheers Kev :cool:
May 27, 2008
Stockport near Manchester
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All spot on by Kev

But I also have a 260GTX and it cant run Crysis on full with AA and AF set to max unless I overclock it. Technically it would run, but if you want decent FPS then you want to set the AA and AF to as high as you can without destroying your FPS :)