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lost wifi connection


FPCH New Member
Nov 9, 2007
I've installed a wifi card into my computer about 6 months ago. All went well until this week. Now it won't connect to the internet. I've tried disabling it and installing two other wifi usb connectors and they two won't work. They show I'm connected but can't get an IP address. All other computers in the house are connecting just fine to my router. I'm wondering if something has happened to a setting that I don't know how to change. Note: I did a total restore to my computer to make sure it wasn't some corrupted file.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
This problem sounds too difficult to diagnose over the Web, I'd recommend taking it to your nearest PC expert and get them to take a look. From what you've said, it could be anything from a misconfigured BIOS setting to a flaky driver being installed.