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Loud Output

steve 1962

FPCH New Member
Oct 22, 2007

Recently I made some adjustments to my volume control (turned up every setting). Consequently, each time I start my computer, the lead in Windows jingle nearly blasts me out of the room. I have reduced all settings in the volume control (located in the bottom right hand corner tray) and nothing seems to change. Is there any other way of reducing the volume of the lead in jingle.

Also in WORD, I have set up bookmarks which are linked to hyperlinks. Selecting CONTROL while pointing to the hyperlink takes me to the desired location but is there a shortcut that allows me to go back to the original location (original hyperlink) without having to scroll back through the entire document.


Oct 6, 2007
Sounds like you've got a similar problem to me, accept my problem is that the volume is too low. (http://www.freepchelp.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1063).

If I was you I'd start by turning the intro jingle off.

With the word problem if you are talking about hyperlinks that navigate within your word document, I think I've faced a similar problem to that as well in the past. I think I had to resort to making back links (a link to take you to the destination and a link to take you back