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margins on word (office XP)

Apr 22, 2008
Please Help!!!

I have been using word and the top margin has just disappeared, the cursor is at the very top of the page but when it prints the text is in the right place with MARGIN!

I am in print view and have tried changing the size of the margin but it only moves the text when it prints.

The white bar on the left hand side has only a few mm of blue at the top and bottom that cant be moved.

Does anyone know how to fix this? its driving me mad!

i will be grateful of any help


Hello Norfolk

Welcome to Free PC Help

I'm not fully up on Office XP but have you considered looking here for a solution?

Using Office XP

In the meantime I'll research this.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Since you didn't say which version of Office you're running then I'll post these 2 links to help you find NORMAL.DOT

Discusses how the Normal.dot global template is found by Office Word 2003
Description of the template path and the Normal.dot template in Word 2002

You can also just do a search from the top of your C: drive and search for NORMAL.DOT

Once you find NORMAL.DOT just delete that file and restart Word and see if that corrects your problem. If not then I have another fix that should correct it, but I think deleting NORMAL.DOT may fix it.