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massive headache needs your help


FPCH New Member
Nov 15, 2007
my pc has gone pear shaped.
i had been running vista with no problems until yesterday.
i have an abit ax8 sata motherboard which is now not detecting any drives
in the bios i am not getting any hard drives showing at all
i am trying to install another copy of vista onto a new hard drive and this snt being detected either
the new hdd is a seagate 400gb sata drive
is there a way to configure my bios to detect the drives
i have reset the cmos settings and altered the bios accordingly
the sata drivers are being asked for when i try to install vista but the ones i have downloaded are not then showing the hdd connected
all cables are crosschecked and working.the power leads are all connected properly
i am at my wits end as to how to get it working again
i have tried installing xp but even wth the motherboard sata drivers it does not show the hdd
any ideas
i have got a working hdd connected and that isnt showing either
anyone know how to get the pc to see any hard drive?????
please help


FPCH Member
Nov 12, 2007
This happened to me with xp not vista, and I reinstalled the motherboard drivers and that fixed it ,hope it works for you.