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MBAM vs. Rogue Killer.........interchangeable...??


FPCH Member
Aug 30, 2016
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Some Experience
Hello to my friends at freepchelp!
Just a quick question this morning.. My MalwareBytes ran out awhile back, but I still had Rogue Killer on my desktop from a previous "cleaning" via this site.. I was wondering if Rogue Killer could be used in place of MBAM...?? I keep getting these short "trial period" setUps on MBAM and am getting tired of this, over and over.. Please advise if Rogue Killer will work as well or hopefully even better.....:)


Admin & Security Team
Feb 19, 2010
Midlands, UK
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Hi Skyclad,

I keep getting these short "trial period" setUps on MBAM and am getting tired of this, over and over..
It's only a 14 day trial for MalwareBytes.
After this time it switches to the 'free version' which is a manual version as opposed to an automatic program.
Rogue Killer is just as good as MalwareBytes ( in my opinion ) ..... But the free version is strictly manual scanning without any updates.
To keep using Rogue Killer you will have to download a fresh version each time you scan with it.
The 'Premium version' works like MalwareBytes..... auto updates and auto scanning.
So not really much to choose between the 2 in the way that the free and premium versions work.
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