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Monitor Problem Please Help!!!


FPCH New Member
Jan 19, 2007
My daughter has been trying to play some games on my pc but the monitor switches itself off goes from Green to amber with a black screen and we have to reboot, she still cant play the games. I have Windows 2000 and Radeon 9250 graphics card. I dont know if I need to update the drivers, but dont know where to start as it says to delete the old drivers and another file called DAO but I dont have this file, can anyone please help as my 9 year old wants to play her games.

pc tech

FPCH Member
Jan 19, 2007
Hi Nic1101

sounds like you need two things a monitor driver and a different graphics card driver that is compatible to either the game you are trying to play or windows 2000 you need to browse the games cd for a troubleshooting folder and it will list if there any incompatibilities with the radeon chipset for your card also i need to know the game name to help