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motherboard keyboard zif socket detached


FPCH New Member
Oct 17, 2013
PC Experience
Some Experience
Is it easily possible to reattach the zif socket on my Samsung r519 laptop ?
I noticed there is an alternative port labelled kbd on the board but the ribbon is too short.
My easiest solution for this tired laptop may be to simply use a usb keyboard but a fix would be neater.

Jelly Bean

FPCH Distinguished Member
May 23, 2009
Hello and welcome. I do not advise anyone unless they know what they are doing fully,to open up a laptop.

If the laptop is still under warranty then send it back for repair. If not then it's off to a computer shop or USB connection.


Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
A lot depends on how that connector got broken off, if all pins pulled out of the motherboard, with a fine tipped soldering iron may be able to put it back, if however, the socket or motherboard is damaged, it will be near impossible to find a new socket, so most repair shops will fit a new motherboard if one is still available. Even if you are fully capable of fitting the new motherboard, it can still be an expensive job.
Best to use a USB keyboard for simplicity.