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Motherboard Upgrade and Vista


FPCH New Member
Sep 18, 2007

First post :)

a couple of months ago i upgraded from an ASUS SLI DR Expert to an DFI LanParty UT SLI mobo. my then version of xp didnt like this one bit and refused to take the existing activation code saying it was in use on another computer. So i bought the upgrade version of Vista home premium 32bit and it worked well.

Now, i have upgraded again to an ASUS Striker EXtreme with an intel Quad, It now doesnt want to boot, it keeps asking me to repair the version of windows, so i use the boot disk and try to repair it, but its only solution is to 'roll back to an older startup version' which, of course is stupid, as that wont solve my hardware + Vista solution.

The activation key DOES work, kinda...it says you must use this activation key when in windows.

If i have to buy another copy of vista just because i upgrade my PC and dont just buy from dell, there is something deeply wrong here.

Someone tell me there is a way round this.

By the way... I am 100% Capable of building PC's and have self built my computers for years, there is nothing wrong with regards to hardware. however software is my weak point, hence the cry for help




FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
is there anything needed on your hard drive.
you do a re-install of xp,then vista,,,,you will not need to activate xp to re-install vista obviously.
in vista can yu get into safe mode.
give me details of what you have tried so far.....do you have a psare hard drive to remove anything needed from your operating system,