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need help with my graphics card

daz uk

FPCH New Member
Sep 5, 2007
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hi all i have a major problem with my graphics card,ok here goes,2 weeks ago i bought a new graphics card sapphire radeon 9550 256mb ddr2 agp installed it in my pc it worked for 3 days no problems at all,then i changed my power supply from 250w to 450w restarted my pc but...my monitor wouldnt come out of standby????
then changed my power supply back to 250w and still the same my monitor wouldnt come out of standby as im a novice where pcs are concerned i was advised by my friend to buy a new motherboard which i did so thats what i did well thats not all true i bought a 2nd hand motherboard but still the same thing was happening with my monitor which led me to believe my graphics card was faulty so what did i do i went and bought a new graphics card the same 1 as i bought before put in in my motherboard fired my pc back up and guess what the god damn same thing my monitor wont come out of standby below are my specifications

asus a7n226-vm motherboard
amd athlon xp2000
756 ddr ram
dvd-rw dual format
80gb hard drive
windows xp pro

by the way i uninstalled my onboard graphics b4 doing any of the above and made sure that it was agp in bios
another thing ive noticed in the last few days is my 80gb hard drive is showing full @ 30gb

any help in the above matters would be gratefully appreciated


FPCH Member
Sep 5, 2007
St.Helens (Merseyside, UK)
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Very Experienced
what do you mean by your monitor wont come out of standby? does nothing come on your screen at all when you boot up?

can you possibly try connecting your monitor to a friends pc maybe to rule that out?
If you still have your old graphics card put it back in so you know for definate it is that as you may have disrupted something when you changed your power supply.
if it still doesn't come on with your old graphics card back in try uplugging the ram & putting it back in

...also I dont think the sapphire radeon 9550 run on ddr2, im sure its normal ddr.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
do you receive the standard bios beeps when the pc is powered on.
if so can you describe them.....
are all fans turning etc,hardware all sat correctly.
i would try removing the cmos battery for 30 mins,,to reset the bios,just to make sure there isnt an incorrect setting....causing this.
try removing the graphics card and testing the on board vga,,,definatly need to know if you receive video from that connection..
we can rule items out then.