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Need help


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Nov 26, 2019
Birmingham, Alabama
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Urgent help needed: a few days ago at 10 PM when my laptop was in sleep mode it started a random clicking noise at random times. One click…3 clicks…space two clicks...1 click,etc. So I shut it down. Since then it has continued to do that after I boot up from an off mode after 15-24 minutes. It seems like it is a “warming up” issue. It is a HP laptop a ”used” gift from my son when my last tower computer failed. HP model number: 15-ay0 12dx…whatever that means. I have not had any trouble since I got this laptop last January. Bottom line is that I do not want to get an estimate from Geek Squad by dropping off my computer if it can’t be fixed and they may still charge me. I can currently afford a new laptop. However, if it can be fixed I don’t want to purchase a new one…need you guys/girls to give me your input. Have you encountered this issue before and what to do…


Aug 28, 2017
Here since I am not there
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Lets start with checking the Hard Drive so other can best assist you.

How old is the system and have you back up you document and pictures? Get this done if you have not.
Form that sounds of it the Hard Drive is starting to fail.

Run a Check Disk on the drive. Let us know if you get stuck and or have any question.

While in windows press the Windows Key + X which will open a shortcut list.

Look for Command Prompt (Administrator) and select that

Once it opens Type
chkdsk /r

Wen the following screen comes up press Y for Yes so it will run



Shut Down the system then power it back on. It will take it a while to complete depending on how large the drive is so please be patient. Do not interrupt it or you may ruin the drive.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
It has been a while since you posted.

If you do read this - you need to backup any files / photos from the clicking drive that you need.

A clicking drive is usually a failing drive.
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