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Networking with a tethered mobile

Shin Gi Tai

New member
Jan 20, 2020
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hi all,

I'm brand new to the forum but I hope I'm asking something which will prove useful to people in general.

I've just recovered my internet service after some technical issue took my connection out. During the downtime my ISP offered 4G data to offset the loss of internet; however, this is effectively tied to a single phone or tablet and doesn't help the household.

My goal is to see if it is possible to tether a phone to a PC and then let that PC share the internet to an ethernet network. We game in my household so we cable, some games will punish your performance if you try to play with wireless connections. Aside from that, some services such as Now TV, connect via LAN directly to the router and can not be fed internet via a wireless connection.

It appears that I could tether a phone to my laptop and then provide internet wirelessly, but that wouldn't be as useful as a LAN solution (at least to us). I'm currently using Win 7 Pro on my desktop and Win 10 on the laptop (given Win 7 is being dropped by MS, switching to Win 10 on the desktop is not out of the question if it helps the fix).

Am I asking the impossible? :)
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