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New DVD/CD Drive Problem


FPCH New Member
Jan 7, 2009
PC Experience
Some Experience
I just tried the Fix CD Drive.zip, but it didn't work.

Are there any other options.

My drive was working at the weekend, but when it came to Monday (wanted to put new music on iTunes) the drive just didn't work.

I got the new P!nk album to put on my iPod and it's drivin' me crazy not to be able to do so.

All help gratfully appreciated.


FPCH Long Term Member
Oct 9, 2008
Hi 1mouse.

Since this is your first post (and welcome to Free PC Help) I will be gentle with you.:)

While you may think your problem is the same it may turn out to be something else entirely.

This is a new thread so please give us all the information that you feel applies and we will do our best to help you. Otherwise what has happened is referred to as highjacking a thread and we don't allow that.
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