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new hard drive


FPCH New Member
Aug 23, 2007
a comp was given to me and i'm putting in a new hard drive, the person who gave it to me wants the old one because of all her files. i'm going to put a clean install of win 98 on the new drive. but the old drive has micro soft word and the program for the c.d. writer and a few games etc. that i want on the new drive. i don't have an image maker program, i thought i could make copies to a cd and install them on the new drive that way. but i don't know what files i need to access in order to get the full programs. is there an easy way of doing this . we don't have the original micro word install discs or the reg codes for the games any more.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
you will NOT be able to do this legally.....the progs installed on that machine is for that machine.......not for two....
the only way to do it quickly is to as you say clone the hard drive......casper xp is great for this....i believe in 98 its called drive to drive cost £30 i think, there may be some good freeware progs out there but im not 100% sure of any good ones.
ps it can be done,but will take ages and isnt fun lol