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NEW PSU Needed? Please Help!


FPCH New Member
Dec 26, 2006

I've had my system for a while now, over 2/3 years. Over the last month or so, it has started making a horrible whirring sound whilst the computer is on, it sounds as if it's about to explode at any moment.

When the whirring is really bad(as in even louder), all of a sudden the computer will just switch itself off, and start making a beeping sound as if the whole system has died.

This has been really bugging me, so I did a bit of online research from another PC, and found that I may need a new PSU?

Does this look like the case to you?

Help appreciated,



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like the fan that spins to cool your computer's CPU is clogged with dust and failing. It is unlikely to be the PSU but it is definitely a consideration. I would recommend you try to replace the CPU "heatsink and fan" (the name for the thing that sits on top of the CPU) with a new one.

The beeping you talk about is your computer's low-level overheat protection routine alerting you. Your CPU is getting way too hot (very bad for the computer) and so it switches itself off to protect against damage. Before turning on your machine again, replace the heatsink/fan and make sure it is firmly making contact.

If you need help in determining whick heatsink/fan to buy, post back here with your computer manufacturer and model.