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New to Free PC Help? - A helpful guide

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Welcome to FreePCHelp.co.uk - we're here to help with your pc problems!

New around here? If this is the first time you have visited FreePCHelp.co.uk then this is the guide for you. We will go over a few simple steps to help you get you on your way to finding answers to your questions.

1. Search
Our search facility is really powerful and you may find that another user has had the same issue as you - to which there may be a solution. Have a quick search around to see if you can find an answer to your question.

2. Register
If you have no luck searching, you can create a new post and ask our community for help. Before you can create or comment on posts you first need to register. It's really simple and a quick - it will only take you a few minutes at most!

You may also want to introduce yourself in our Introduction Forum where our team and community will give you a warm welcome.

3. Ask
Once registered, find the relevant forum and click the "Post New Thread" button in the top left hand corner.

Enter a descriptive title, message and try to cover the following points:
  • State your Operating System
  • State your computers Make and Model (If applicable)
  • State how/when the problem occurred
  • Have you changed/installed anything recently?
  • Provide detailed descriptions on the exact problem
Answers to these questions will be a great help to anyone offering advice.

4. Wait
Free PC Help is run by a fantastic dedicated team who spend hours upon hours each day to help users worldwide with their computer support problems. Either one of our team or another member will reply to your post with possible solutions.

You will be instantly notified of any replies via Email or you can keep track of replies through your account.

5. Contribute
We encourage all users to contribute to other peoples posts if you think you may be able to help them - after all, we are a community. You'll feel great satisfaction when helping other people with their problems, especially if you help solve them!

6. Donate
If Free PC Help has provided you with computer support then please do consider a donation. Every penny helps towards our hosting and licensing fees. By donating to Free PC Help you are helping us remain online and help other users who are in a similar situation as you once were. If you donate you will be "upgraded" to the exclusive usergroup and user title of "Donating Users".

7. Help
Finally, if you ever get stuck you can visit the FAQ section which contains lots of helpful information on how to use the forum. If you encounter any problems whilst using the website or have any website feedback you can contact the administrators via the Contact Us page.
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