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New vista laptop doesn't recognise CD drive at all!


FPCH New Member
May 16, 2007
OK I might be missing something really obvious here but I bought a brand new laptop about a month ago. Its Vista Home Premium. And it has a CD/DVD drive. Its got a DVD rewriter and everything. Now up until now I hadn't used my CD drive at all because I just put my MP3 music on. The CD drive should come up as drive E: but on 'my computer' there is no drive E:! It just doesn't exist! When I put a CD or DVD in it makes a whirring sound and then nothing happens. When I tried to open a CD writing programme it said I didn't have the necessary drive.
I can see my CD drive... so why doesn't Vista know its there?!
Is there something I have to install to get it to recognise it?
Please help!xx


FPCH New Member
May 18, 2007
I had the same with a new Acer T180 Aspire Desktop.
The only solution is to re-load the OS.
The only way I could do that was to buy a 4GB Flash Drive
and transfer the recovery disc to it using another PC, there
is a patch on the recovery disc for the DVD drive.
If it is an Acer, when you switch on, hold the ALT key down
and repeatedly tap the F10 key, to get the E-recovery from
the CAB file stored on the HDD.



FPCH Member
Apr 22, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
If the laptop is only one month old then take it back to where you bought or cntact the manufacturer under warranty