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No cd-rom in My Computer and cdgone didn't fix it!!!


FPCH New Member
May 4, 2008
Hi troops, can anyone help me with a nuisance problem that is stopping me formatting my drive?

In "My Computer" my CD-Rom and DVD drive icons have recently gone missing, device manager says they do not exist and the trusty Belarc Advisor also does not seem to detect drives that it has already found mere days ago.
I searched the forums and found many different solutions(delete upper and lower filters in the registry, use the cdgone patch) I do not have these registry values and cdgone did patch in, but changed nothing.

I am trying to format my hard drive and without the cd or dvd drives i cannot use my windows cd to do this.

Any advice that anyone might have will be greatly appreciated.

Ta, Charli3

Jack Hackett

Banned FPCH Member
Jan 7, 2008
Are the drives detected in the BIOS?
Are the drives shown in Device Manager with an exclamation mark next to them?

If the drives are shown in the BIOS there is NO reason why you cannot boot from your Windows CD and format your HDD.

Our of curiosity, why do you want to format the drive?


FPCH Member
Jan 8, 2008
Aperture Science
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
Good suggestion, Jack.

In case the original poster is unsure, to access the BIOS on most systems, repeatedly hit F10 when starting up. You may have to find the Boot Order in there to boot from CD-ROM first, rather than Hard Drive, so that you can boot without going into Windows directly.