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“No root file system is defined” for Ubuntu AND “No hard-drive found” for Win XP


FPCH New Member
May 27, 2008
mid-England and W. Germany
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I had a test installation of Ubuntu 14.04 on the same hard-drive as Win XP. __ Win XP had too many programs. So, I deleted all the partitions - including MBR. Now the hard-drive had nothing on it. I have a couple of rescue programs running on LessLinux and Ubuntu started from a USB flash drive. I managed to create NTFS and ext2 partitions on the hard-drive, thinking this would cater for each OS. As generally advised, I then started the XP installation from a CD. But I had an error message stating that
no hard-drive could be found
. As a test, I attempted an Ubuntu installation, which resulted in the messages:

  1. "No root file system is defined."
  2. "Correct from partitioning menu."
What is expected to be done in the partitioning menu? Supposedly, I need to get MBR and Grub2 on to the hard-drive. But how? I looked at the terminal command, but found nothing to comprehend there. What have I missed? Complete frustration!
I have a Seagate 120 GB hard-drive in a HP Notebook with ample USB slots and an optical disk-drive.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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If you are sure that the MBR has been deleted you could take a look here - click here
EaseUs is a well known provider of free software.

Click on "Partition Table Doctor"
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