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"No Signal" error message on monitor

Jan 4, 2008
Hi All,

It's been a while since i've posted and it good to be back but i'm hoping someone out there has any ideas or soultion to my issue.

The issue is with my partners mother's pc. Its a Acer pc and the issue seems to happen at random.

When i switch on the pc only the fan kicks in and the "No Signal" error message displays on the on monitor. There is no beep codes for the POST and the hard drive is not kicking in. I checked the vga cable and all the connections at the back of the monitor and they are fine

My partner's mother phoned Acer and they advised it is being caused due to a dodgy windows update from microsoft so they advised a full restore back to the factory settings. I disagreed that this is the cause so i performed the restore to rule out it being a software issue anyway to prove them wrong. One hour after the restore the issue resurfaced.

Originaly i though it was an issue with hard drive or the controller but I think its a power issue due to the sytoms that i decribed above as the whole front of the pc get very hot only after being on after a minute or so and also when i try to switch it on the usb mouse and keyboard dont power on either only the fan can be heard.

I'm dying to open up the case to check inside but my partner's mother is holding me back as this will affect her warrenty as she has only had the pc for 9 months.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks for reading my post.

p.s sorry that i've not included anymore details of the spec's of the pc i dont have them at hand at the moment.


Hi Crazy

Welcome back to Free PC Help

It sounds like the CPU heatsink and fan are choked with dust therefore making it incapable of doing it's job correctly.
Because it's choked and becoming hot it may be activating the thermal cutout on the board.
While it's still under guarantee I'd ship it back to the supplier and get them to clean it, this may or may not incur a charge.
Jan 4, 2008
Afternoon Wolfeymole,

Many thanks for the quick response and excellent suggestion.

I phoned Acer and discribed the issue and they agreed this could be the cause. I'm tempted to open up the case but i'd better leave it to them. They say there is no change but will wait and see.

Many thanks again for the advice


In a lot of cases (no pun intended) I have seen stickers sealing the case to prevent such incidents.
Tempting as it may be to open it Crazy, and as you have remarked, the guarantee will become instantly null and void.
If you have also paid for an extended guarantee on the PC this would be out of the window too.