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no sound through speakers


FPCH New Member
Apr 1, 2012
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Some Experience

I have a 3 month old dell inspiron N5040

Sound has stopped working through the speakers yet it still works if i plug in headphones or other speakers so think i may have pressed a wrong button or something if someone could suggest what i may have done


Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
Hi, I can't find out very much about the sound system on your computer at the moment
Is this your computer manual?=


However quite often the headphone socket has a set of contacts that are opened when the headphones are plugged in, this isolates the speakers.

Unfortunately these contacts can become bent or even broken in use so they do not return the speakers when the headphone plug is removed, therefore really a hardware fault within the socket.

Considering this machine is still well within its warranty period, I suggest getting in touch with Dell about this problem in view of getting it repaired by them. To advise looking into it yourself may void the warranty you see.

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