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no system disc


FPCH New Member
Jan 5, 2008
hi everyone im hoping someone can help me, i have been using my desktop which was working fine, then when i went to use it again the screen was just blue with hp on screen, powered it of and tried to reboot it, it now says disc boot failure insert system disc and press enter......when i bought my pc it didnt come with a system disc....hate using my laptop as well any ideas, no disc or floppy in either of the drives, tried pressing f8 luck either


It sounds like your hard drive has died BBabe but has anyone been changing the boot priority in the bios?

Go into the bios by pressing Del or F2 (or whatever your screen says to Enter Setup) and make sure the hard drive is THE first boot option.
The shot below gives the floppy as the first boot device, in yours as I say change it to the hard drive.
Get back to us when you have done so or are having difficulty in doing so.