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Nokia Lumia 925 Analysis - Great Hardware but Bad Software


FPCH Member
Oct 7, 2013
My friend Ntutu Letseka from PhoneRPT has just written a deep review on the Nokia Lumia 925. This is those kind of reviews you want to see before buying a Lumia phone.

This Nokia Lumia 925 is a fantastic device from a hardware perspectiv but feels like its being held back by the software.
The full article is here: http://phonerpt.com/nokia-lumia-925-review/

What do you think about this smartphone?
Nokia Lumia 925 Analysis.jpg


Free PC Help Contributor
Mar 13, 2009
Devon , UK
PC Experience
Some Experience
Bit late to the party with reply , but I have this phone and its fantastic and that includes hardware and software.

Only slight software downside is the Apps aren't always supplied by small scale websites ie local cinema or takeaway or even centre parcs...... but certainly no big deal the rest is all win win..:)

Cheers Kev :cool:
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