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Not Sure What's Wrong with PC! Can Anyone Help?


FPCH New Member
Jun 14, 2007
I recently had the hard drive changed in my PC. After a day of use I flicked the PC and found the monitor flickering vigourously. It then flicked off automatically. Now when I turn it on the tower turns on but nothing shows on the monitor. A strange smell appears to be coming from the tower. I contacted the technician who changed the hard drive and he reccommended I get the monitor checked. I have sent the monitor in twice for checking and it came back the same. So I checked both the tower and the monitor on a friends computer and found the monitor to work perfectly. So the problem lies with the tower. When I contacted the technician again he suggested that we need to change the power supply but now I'm unsure as to whether that is the real problem or not. Can you help or advise me as to what I should do?


I'd send it back to the "Tech" and tell him to get it sorted out pronto or you'll get the work done elsewhere and charge him.