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nothing on start up


FPCH New Member
Dec 18, 2008
PC Experience
Pc Guru
Hi i have fairly new Acer pc that was working fine, but now it just has a black screen although it does have mouse arrow on it. when i start it up it goes to 4 options for start up as it didn't close down properly i.e safe mode etc etc but i've tried all of them and they all do the same thing end up saying please wait............................................. and straight to black screen Acer have said ALT and F10 but i haven't tried this yet as it will wipe everything I have on pc even if it does work any suggestions ?? thanks:)


Hi Spula

Welcome to FPCH

Ok so even though you proclaim to be a PC Guru you have obviously never made back ups of your stuff, would this be correct?

You have not even mentioned making back up Recovery disks.

I'm assuming you do not possess any install or recovery disks of any kind yes?