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Numeric Keypad problem with MS Word


FPCH New Member
Mar 30, 2014
Problem: Numeric Keyboard Shortcuts for Line Spacing not working correctly in Word 2000.

For convenience I’ve set up line spacing shortcuts via the numeric keypad; ie, Tools > Customize > Keyboard > Categories (All Commands) > Commands (SpacePara1, 1.5 or 2) using Num+1, Num+5 and Num+2 respectively so that Ctrl+Numeric Value will give single, 1.5 line and double line spacing. Recently, however, this does not work for ANY of them – although Ctrl+1, 5 or 2 on the main keyboard DOES give the appropriate line spacing. Additionally, Ctrl+Num5 simply highlights everything. Most peculiar!

I’ve run Word Help’s Detect & Repair but the fault remains – but I’m not sure if it’s a Word fault or elsewhere in the PC? Norton’s WinDoctor shows no problem and both keypads appear to work normally in non-Word applications. In particular, Ctrl+Num5 highlighting seems to affect only Word and Wordpad. Can anyone explain what mighty be wrong – and where?

I’m reluctant to do a full uninstall and reinstall of Word - or Windows because I’m still using XP and may have a problem reregistering an obsolete OS with Microsoft. Whatever, I’m looking for pointers to the cause of the problem – and, hopefully, a solution.

Any advice will be welcomed