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Onboard Soundcard Problems


FPCH New Member
Oct 8, 2006

I recently had a new motherboard installed after my old one died. it's an ASRock K7S41 with on-board C Media CMI9739A soundchip and graphics card.

however, since the new motherboard was installed, there is a problem with recording sounds onto the PC, resulting in peaks and drops during the recording. i've tried different recording software and different recording sources but all with the same results. playback of pre-recorded sounds works fine.

i've tried contacting both manufacturers for some guidance but have had no joy.

i've just bought a new graphics card due to issues with gaming resources, am i looking at buying a new soundcard as well?



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Perhaps there is an IRQ conflict with the sound card and other hardware in your system. Have you checked Device Manager? Try looking in your BIOS.