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FPCH New Member
Oct 13, 2007
i must of deleted a system file or something..

i restarted my pc and it wont get to the windows screen.

its an acer travelmate laptop and it just shows the acer screen then restarts and so on.. over and over again..


sorry im a bit of a computer n00b.

ALSO. i cant use a windows disc because i dont have one AND the cd drive is broken :|


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
do you have the recovey cd's and also a usb cd drive, does a friend have one.
do you have a recovery optoion during post.
can even get to the safe mode option.
in the bios turn off "restart on error" something like that i forget teh exact wording
now when it reboots it should show the error instead of the continous loop
is it under warrenty.