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operating system


FPCH New Member
May 14, 2007
well here goes my clever sister put my xp disk in and reinstalled it losing my wedding photos ( just got back with the cds to save them ) i looked on my hard drive and i have used up 15g of my 20g hard drive i was wandering is it possible that my pictures are still there and if so how would i go about getting them back i am also getting a blue screen flashing up to fast to read whats on it and my pc keeps restarting any help would be great thanks i was also just thinking as there is not a lot of hard drive space is it possible that i have got two copy's of xp on there it is doing my head in now so dont be shy any help would be great. thanks salford


FPCH Member
Apr 22, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Firstly in order to see the screen with the blue flash you need to turn off the sutomatic restart feature right click my computer -> advanced -> start up & recovery -> untick the automatic restart box and restart the pc you will then get a stop error & bsod post this code back and we can go from there