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orange email


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi michelangelo;
If I understand right you only have trouble typing in the @ symbol on your email account. It does work otherwise? Sorry I am not familiar with orangemail.



FPCH Member
Oct 24, 2006
Runcorn, UK
Hi michelangelo, and welcome to Free PC Help,
As RandyL asked, do you have trouble typing the @ symbol everywhere? Or is it just on the Orange website? I have an orangemail account and I have no trouble typing the @ symbol when I want to access my emails.

Also, does any other character show up when you try to type the @ symbol? Inverted commas, for example? This would imply that the language settings of your keyboard are incorrect.
If not, I'll have a rethink.



As Santa said if you try to type @ (second key to the right of L) but get " then you have and american keyboard layout.
Go into Control Panel/ Regional and Languages and hit the Languages tab then Details you can change the input language for your keyboard.