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outage fryed pc HELP!!!


FPCH New Member
Aug 28, 2007
the power went out and it fried my psu. it was a 400 watt. i replaced it with a 500 watt. i have a p4 541 processor and MSI PM8M3-V motherboard, with 1 gb pc 2700 ram. now my psu works, and the fans turn on, but none of the drives kick on(DVD, CD-RW,1 80GB, 1 120 GB, 3.5" floppy) and no bleeps when the pc turns on, nothing on the screen. i pulled out the ide cables from the drives and left the power cables in, and they sounded like they were working, and i could open the DVD/CD-RW drives. i'm tyin' to determine if it's the chip that's fryed, or the MOBO, or both. Ive tryed pluggin the ram in and out. PLEASE HELP!!!


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
try removing your cmos battery for 30 mins,then plugging just ram,cpu and graphics card (if it aint on board) then try powering it on.....is there any beeps.if not then 90% chance the motherboard is at fault....even if the cpu is dead the is usually a rapid beep...ram faulty slow steady beep.no graphics long *** beep.