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Page cannot be displayed...HELP!


FPCH New Member
Jun 9, 2007
Hi all, I hope somebody may be able to help me resolve my problem.

When I try to log in to certain websites (coral.co.uk for example). I enter my username and password and hit enter and it gives me a 'Page cannot be displayed'. This seems to also affect my logging in to my e-mail account on hotmail and various other things which require a username and password.

I am really not too clued up when it comes to things like this so I am a little stuck for ideas as to what to do.

I use Windows XP Home Edition on a Sony Vaio Laptop. I use a modem with an ethernet connection at 2mb.

I have only had this internat connection for 8 weeks. What I do know is that is was working up until 4-5 weeks ago so I guess it may be something I enabled or disabled perhaps?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
have you tried a system restore back to before this happened.
start>all programs>accessioreies>system tools>system restore
choose a date before this happened then click ok