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PBell not coming off standby mode


FPCH New Member
May 5, 2008

I have had a Packard bell PC for over a year now with no hardware problems before. I have always been able to put my PC on standby and then 'wake it up' again with no problems, however recently when i try to wake it up - it will not and the fan makes alot of noise. I have to switch it off unplug the power lead and wait for a few minutes before it will boot up again properly.

I am not sure what the problem is, i have tried cleaning the processor but this hasn't worked. I don't know if it has something to do with the RAM because i have just upgraded it and i feel it might have something to do with it perhaps?!.

I would be grateful for any advice.


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa

Welcome to Free PC Help.

Take out the new RAM and then try, if it works then you know what the problem is.

Also clean out all the fans, compressed air works the best.