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PC Booting Issues-Keeps restarting


FPCH New Member
Feb 17, 2007
Hey guys i accidentally pulled the plug from the socket (wall) and i get the usual 'windows could not start properly' message and the three links-safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with BIOS, last working config (or something) and start windows normally, i try enter any of these, it gets to the windows loading page then restarts and goes back to the 'windows could not start properly' menu, no matter how many times i click any of these they do the same thing over and over again.

any help would be much apreciated, thanks in advanced


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
If you have tried all of the available options, your next option is to perform an in-place reinstallation of Windows XP. This is known as a repair installation. What has probably happened is one of the crucial boot files needed by Windows was corrupted when you cut the power.

Microsoft have an official article with step-by-step solutions: How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP

Carefully follow the advice on that page, I'd recommend printing it off or viewing it on another computer. You will need your Windows XP CD.