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PC not booting/booting haphazardly


FPCH New Member
Aug 14, 2007
Hi there,

My PC's got a problem that seems to be gradually worsening in that it fails to boot. It seems to do one of a number of things, without any obvious pattern:

1) I press the on button and nothing happens, apart from the hard drive light lighting up on the tower. The monitor shows no sign of life. There is no beep as it starts.

2) I press the on button, it beeps, and the system appears to boot up as you'd expect. Then at some point (often whilst Windows is loading) the screen goes blank, and it appears to be at the same state as number 1) above.

3) The system boots up as normal, and I can get into Windows, and use it normally. However, as I get into windows it says that its detected new hardware - a multimedia audio controller. This comes up twice, and neither time will it install it automatically. In addition to this, quite often the date and time settings seem to reset themselves.

Has anyone any ideas? It's an XP operating system, and it all seemed to start after moving my computer. I didn't install any new hardware (or software) when it began.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Many thanks,



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
hi there
is your sound card on board.or is it another card.
when moving this may have come dislodged....that maybe why it is constantly finding new hardware......
when you say there sometimes isnt anything on screen,and sometimes no bios beeps..this could be mutliple issues.
firstly i would change the power supply........
then, i would check your ram......(usually if this is faulty the board will beep at you though).
well first thing first try another power supply......install the driver for your sound card too....if you dont know how post back,,,,,with the model of sound card,and i will post a link to the download.