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pc not functioning properly


FPCH New Member
Jun 23, 2010
PC Experience
When I tried to update Windows XP Home with SP3 i may have got a virus.I have a corrupted task manager that does not display fully and can no longer access the internet.I have run several scans using Avast,SPbt,Mwbts and SAS-not to mention dr web cureit.All indicate i have no virus.I have been unable to operate in safe mode but have been advised how to access this on another forum.I believe I should be altering the registry bbut would welcome some guidance
Many thanks



FPCH Member
Jun 23, 2010
PC Experience
Very Experienced
A virus from a microsoft update? Like above, where di you download your SP3 update from? If it was the "offical" download then you should be fine and maybe a problem with your OS. If on the other hand its not the offical microsoft download then it may very well be a virus.