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PC reboot help


FPCH New Member
May 27, 2008
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PC Illiterate
Operating System
Windows Vista - Ultimate
basically i've had my pc for nearly 2 years and i've rebooted it about 3 times now and it created a backup file in the c-drive and theyr like 4gb each the files. so i was wonderign if i could delete these files or not?? the first ever time i backed up it created files like 61c17c86af42465c1bb4 :confused::confused::confused: but the other backup files dont contain files like this...so wud it be ok to delete the files??

and i dunno why this happend but recently my pc after like an hour just keeps switching off.. and restarting by itself but it just goes to the window page and retsrts again so it doesnt actually switch on.. i dunno why this happend but i rebooted and it was ok for a few days but now its happenign again

so what shall i do for both problems?
May 27, 2008
Stockport near Manchester
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Windows Vista - Home Premium
Can I just clear somethign up - you say rebooted - do you mean reinstalled? and the backup files are for the old versions of the installs?
If they are indeed old then you can get rid of them.
If your PC is having trouble booting always check the following:-

HEAT - is the inside of the case overly hot?
DUST - have you cleaned the inside of the PC recently and the fans? (related to HEAT)
BIOS - do you have the first boot device set to hard drive?
HARDWARE changes - installed anything new recently?

All of the above are easy to check and are often the most generic
reasons for a reboot.

Post back and let us know.