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pc restarting itself


FPCH New Member
Feb 15, 2007
hi my pc keeps restarting itself every hour or so and then i send error report and it takes me to windows site and ive had several dufferent error reports on it but it mainly says video driver error, and something about 'stuck in thread' and this has caused the pc to restart itself. another said hardware device driver error and another said hardware error, can anyone help me try and fix this, ive reinstall vedo drivers from three different suppliers and still same problem. my friend thinks its memory issues and i should replace the memory.

i was also wondering whether the fact i got a radeon card on a nvidia built board could be causing it but i have a freind who is running the same board and 128mb version of my video card with no problems

system specs

mobo: gigabyte GA K8N Pro
Video: radeon 9600 pro 256mb
memory: kingston kvr 512mb, i was running an unbranded 512mb aswell but it was dodgy and kept causing loadsa probs, maybe this has affected the kingston stick????????????

200gig HD

everything else is onboard

hope ive been clear enough for you, any Q's, just ask,




FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like it could be faulty memory, like your friend suggests. Try downloading Memtest86+ and running it on your computer. It is a thorough RAM tester that determines whether any section of the memory module is faulty. Remember: if even one bit of memory is faulty, it is no use as the reliability of the computer is completely compromised.

If your memory passes that test, you should try another graphics card. Some hardware is just incompatible with other pieces of hardware, like you said. It could be that the ATI graphics card is incompatible with the NVIDIA chipset of your motherboard. Try various combinations and should be able to determine the cause.