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Pc trouble


FPCH New Member
Apr 21, 2007
Pc tower boots up and the disk drives open but the keyboard lights do not come on and the monitor is in standby mode. What could be wrong please help>


FPCH Member
Apr 15, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
There's a whole list of possible problems.

One simple problem could be the mouse and keyboard are plugged in the wrong way round.
Do you have printers and other peripherals connected to the computer? If so, try unplugging one by one and see if that solves it.

Other than that, could be the graphics card has failed, could be the motherboard failed, memory may be faulty. Could be a memory chip needs reseating. Maybe the power supply is failing. Maybe the CPU fan has stopped working. Are you getting any series of beeps from the PC?

After ruling out simple things, unless you have access to spares it's going to be difficult to establish the source of the problem without the help of a repair shop.